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Non-ops Aircraft Aviation
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Scramble's Aviation Wiki

Welcome to Scramble's Aviation Wiki!!

This is a Wiki for the dedicated Aviation enthusiast. In here, you can find a vast range of articles covering all aspects of aviation. Both military and civil aviation are covered, with articles on past (warbirds, Airline histories), present (operational aircraft, airports, airbases), and future (prototype aircraft). Next to articles about aircraft, there are also lists of abbreviations used in aviation and off course histories on the worlds Air Forces. This Wiki focuses on real world aviation, so you will not find anything on flight sims here (Flight sims are covered by their own websites, some of which are also Wiki´s).

This Aviation Wiki was started early 2006 by a small group of enthusiasts. It is still growing in size and possibilities. The ever changing software for the Wiki makes it a challenge to cover all the problems you can encounter writing articles or browsing the Wiki. The Help pages are in constant development and try to cover all the problems you could encounter while on this Wiki. Therefore if you encounter any problems please let us know and we will endeavour to fix them. Likewise, if you feel that there are certain topics that we have not covered please inform us and we will take your ideas into consideration.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a web-based encyclopedia that anyone can use free of charge. The actual content of a Wiki is determined by its voluntary users, namely YOU.

The term Wiki is taken from the Hawaiian word for 'quick' or 'fast' indicating the speed this type of encyclopedia can evolve as everybody can expand it. Sometimes also the term 'WikiWiki' (for 'very vast' or 'very quick') is used.

New to Scramble's Aviation Wiki

Scramble's Aviation Wiki has been brought into being to cover all aspects related to Aviation not yet covered by the Scramble Magazine or the remainder of the Scramble Website, although we acknowledge some overlap may occur.

As with most of the site, the lingua franca on this Wiki is English.

Everybody can read all the Articles on this Aviation Wiki, but you need to be registered before you are allowed to edit. This is paired though with your log in for the Scramble Message Board (same user name and password). More information on this can be found here.

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