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Terma’s AN/ALQ-213(V) Electronic Warfare Management System (EWMS) was originally developed for the F-16 in close cooperation with the Royal Danish Air Force. The objectives were to reduce the pilot’s workload and to ensure prompt, coordinated and effective use of all the on-board EW subsystems. However, it soon became clear that other military aircraft had similar requirements. consequently, the EWMS was developed into a generic system, which fulfills the requirements of a large number of aircraft types including fighters, helicopters and transport aircraft. The EWMS integrates, manages, and controls a variety of EW subsystems. The EWMS, first introduced in 1992, has been installed in a large number of aircraft including fighters, transport aircraft, and helicopters in no less than 16 countries worldwide.

Reliability, Maintainability, Performance (RMP) Upgrade

The EWMS has had improvements over the years, the three significant ones being a new multifunction Threat Display, 3D-Audio Warning, and Automatic Threat Response, also called Electronic Combat Adaptive Processing (ECAP). In 2012, a RMP programm was launched. The aim of the RMP program is first and foremost to use the latest technology to bring significant improvements within the three areas: Reliability, Maintainability, Performance. At the same time, the following criteria are also considered essential:

  • Reduced overall weight
  • Reduction in number of Shop Replaceable Units (SRU) from 9 to 5
  • Replacement of all functional cards and motherboard
  • New CPU board
  • New interconnection board
  • New I/O board.

The RMP will be ready for production and market introduction by October 2013 with options to suit the various aircraft types and roles.

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