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All text on Scramble's Aviation Wiki is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 licence.
In short this means the text may be used by others for Non Commercial purposes, either in its original form or as a derivative, as long as you give credit to Scramble's Aviation Wiki and use it under an identical licence.

Images are published under different licences, as we leave the choice for this to the uploader/creator of the image concerned. Have a look at the description page of the image to see under which exact licence it is published.

The Dutch Aviation Society/Scramble makes only the following exception: Although the Dutch Aviation Society (DAS) is a non-profit organisation, publications by DAS may be regarded as commercial. Nevertheless we reserve the right to use any text from this Aviation Wiki for those publications. For images we will try to contact the original creator, but when failing to do so we also reserve the right to use those images, taking in account the applicable licence.

One final warning: Although this Aviation Wiki is a part of the Scramble web site, the above mentioned copyright licences only apply for this Aviation Wiki. For the remainder of the site (and other publications by DAS/Scramble) the usual copyright licences are still valid.

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