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Dutch Aviation Society
Scramble Magazine
Staff writers50+
Year founded1979
First issueMay 1979
Based inSchiphol Airport
ISSNISSN 1454-0436
Scramble Website

Scramble is an aviation magazine, specifically aimed at aircraft spotters, and covers both civil and military aviation. Although published from The Netherlands, it is fully in English.

It is published on a monthly basis by the Dutch Aviation Society, a non-profit foundation.


Started as a small magazine for the local spotters scene near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the first issue appeared in 1979, at that time still called 06-24 Nieuws, after one of the runways at Schiphol. It rapidly grew to a more nation-wide orientated magazine and also started to include topics and news on military aviation, which gave cause to a name change to the current name in January 1981.

As of January 2007 the language was changed from Dutch to English to cater for the increasing number of foreign subscribers, opposed to declining numbers in The Netherlands. It still is completely run and edited by volunteers, currently approximately 50.

From 1997, the Dutch Aviation Society also has its own website,

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