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Logging In

To browse and read this Wiki you do not need to be logged in, but you must have an account if you wish to edit a page. Creating an account is relatively easy and you do not need to have a subscription to Scramble Magazine, although of course we encourage this!

This Wiki has been linked to the User Database of our Message Board, so if you already have an account there you can use the same details to log in to this Wiki here. There are though some issues with User Names and Passwords. When you encounter these please read the part on illegal characters

When you do not already have an account at the Message Board you need to create one first here. Make sure you read the Agreement Terms carefully as they apply to both the Wiki and the Message Board.

For more information about logging in and user rights see Help:Users

Searching for an Article

When you are looking for a particular subject you can use the search bar on the left side of your screen.

When you click the "Go" button, or just hit the enter button on your keyboard, this will take you directly to the page with that name, provided it exists. When there is not an Article with exactly that name you will be forwarded to the search page. Here you will be given the option to create an Article with this name and an overview of any pages containing the search phrase in 1) the titles of Articles and 2) the main body of Articles. The 'directly-go-to' option is a particularly nice feature when you know the names of the Articles, so you can quickly browse through this Wiki.

When you use the "Search" button it will bypass the 'directly-go-to'-option of the "Go" button, and will lead you straight to the search page. As you might understand, this will put less weight on the database so this has preference when you do not know the exact name of the Article you are looking for.

You can also go directly to the search page at Special:Search where you can fill in the phrase you are looking for.

By default the search engine will only look in the Main Namespace, being the 'normal' Articles. When you suspect what you're looking for is not in the Main Namespace, you can check the appropriate Namespaces at the search page, e.g. check the check-box before the Help-Namespace to search in the help files. More information on which Namespaces are in place at this Wiki can be found here.

Case Sensitivity

Searching on the Scramble Wiki is case insensitive. This means it doesn't matter whether you are searching on 'fokker', 'FoKKeR' or 'FOKKER', the search function will still produce all pages which contain "Fokker".

Stopwords, Short Words & the Minus Symbol

There are some issues though with the normal search options, which probably have more impact on this Wiki then on the average ('normal') Wiki. This has to do with the fact that a lot of short designations etcetera are used in Aviation.
As an example, you are looking for information about the McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II. The first thing most people would do is enter "F-4" in the search bar. Unfortunately this will not produce any results, even when an Article about the F-4 does exist!

This has to do with two "limitations" of the software used:

  • The Database engine (MySQL) will not do a full text search for any phrases shorter than four characters.
  • The minus-symbol ('-') has a specific meaning within this Wiki software: In the case of F-4 it means 'Search for all Articles containing the first phrase ("F") but excluding (minus) those Articles which also contain the second phrase ("4"). In this particular case both phrases are too short therefore it will obviously not find anything on F-4.

When you encounter any such issue try to think of another search phrase, in this case this could be something like McDonnell or Phantom or anything like that.

Apart from these obstacles, the Database software also uses a list of so called Full-Text Stopwords. These being words which are used so frequently it wouldn't give any reliable results. A full list of these words can be found at the site of MySQL.

Scramble Search Plugin installed in Firefox

Mozilla Search Plugin

When you use a Mozilla browser, either Firefox or the Mozilla Suite, you will find a Search Bar in the top right corner of your browser. This search bar comes preloaded with several sites, but we have created a Search Plugin specific for Scramble's Aviation Wiki!

This plugin can be installed from the Mozdef site. Just click on the Scramble's Aviation Wiki-link and click "OK" in the next pop up (allow it to be installed).

After being installed, this plugin will do a search in the 'normal' Articles and the Image descriptions.

Stay Neutral & Sources

Scramble's Aviation Wiki will strictly enforce a Neutral Point of View or NPOV. Please read the Article on that subject before you start editing!
For everybody to judge the information given in this Aviation Wiki we without reservation encourage you to give the sources of all the edits you make, being either other websites, books or magazines!

Editing Articles

When to Edit an Existing Article

You should consider editing an existing Article when

  • You can add additional information.
  • You notice (small) mistakes in the information given.
  • There are errors in the spelling or grammar (not everybody here is fluent in English).

Please do not edit an Article when;

  • The information you are planning to insert is in sharp contrast to the current information. Please first discuss this with other editors (visitors) on the Message Board. More information can be found at Scramble:Be bold but..
  • When the spelling of a word you alter is changed from British English to North American English (like color and colour) or the other way around. It's just pointless.

Wiki Mark Up Language

This Wiki makes use of the MediaWiki software. This software supports, to a certain degree, formatting of the information given. Although the basics of this MarkUp language isn't that hard to understand, it is very different to what most people are used to. Please refer to help:editing for more information about the use of the MediaWiki markup language. When you are editing an Article you can also find a link to that Help Page just below the editing box (next to the 'save page' button)

Adding Links to Sample Photos

You may also upload your photos directly to Scramble's Aviation Wiki. A 'how-to' about uploading and linking to images can be found here.
It is not possible to link to images which are not uploaded to this Aviation Wiki (the so called "hotlinking").

The MediaWiki Handbook has more extensive (general) information on how to include images on Article pages, although this does not reflect the actual situation on Scramble's Aviation Wiki.

Creating a New Article

Before you create a new page, these three rules are very important:

  • Be sure that before you create a New Article, there isn't already a page on the same subject. Use the "Search" function which is on the left side of each page or the search page first to look when you are not sure! Check the help page on searching first when you're new to this, as not all search methods get all or the same results.
  • Choose the name of your New Article very carefully. See below for more information.
  • Make sure you stay impartial. More information on this can be found at Scramble:Be bold but..

More extensive information can also be found at Wikipedia's guide to how to start a page

Create the Page

Creating a New Article (that is, add information about a new subject), can be done in several ways

We recommend though you keep on reading here, as these are merely short cuts for a couple of items described below.

  • Already linked from an existing page - When there is a link already inside an Article which points to a non-existing page, just click the link and you will be forwarded directly to the edit-page. If such a link does not exists (yet) on an appropriate page, you are of course free to add one first.
  • After a (failed) search - When you have been searching for a non-existent page, using the 'Go' button, the Search form will show the phrase "You can create an Article with this title". Click on it, and you will be forwarded to the edit-page for this New Article. For more info on this 'Go' button, refer to the part on searching.
  • Through the URL bar - Just fill in the title of your New Article in the URL bar. This is the address bar, usually on top of your browser screen. The URL should like this: new topic
Of course replace the 'your new topic' with the name of your topic, e.g. with courses about aircraft spotting

How to Name your New Article

When you start a New Article you should carefully consider the name of your Article. Please use the full name of what you are writing about, so "Koninklijke Luchtmacht" or "British Airways" instead of KLu, BA or BAW. But do not use any suffix such as "Ltd", "Inc", or "BV". For aircraft types, prefix it with the (main or first) manufacturer, like "General Dynamics F-16" or "Boeing 737" instead of just "F-16" or B737". You may also create pages for the abbreviated form later using REDIRECT (see below).

Here you can read some more on naming conventions on this Aviation Wiki.

When you are still not sure about how to title your New Article, you are encouraged to ask this in the forums about the Wiki.

Spaces in Article Names

As you may have noted, you do not need to put underscores ('_') between the words. The software this Wiki is running on is taking care of that.

Case Sensitivity

Although one might expect (after reading about the search options) the naming of an Article is also case insensitive, this is not the case. The first character of an Article will automatically be converted into upper case, but the remainder will stay like you enter it.

Use Templates

Normal Templates

Templates are standard pages which can be inserted into your Article through a process which is called transclusion. At this moment we do not have a lot of those templates in place yet, but you probably will make extensive use of them. Examples are the template for Stubs and the Copyright Templates when you upload an image.
Using those Templates might, among other things, take care the Article is also assigned to the correct Categories.

When you want to use such a Template, type the name of the Template, contained in double curly brackets, inside your Article, like:


The usage of those Templates will enforce that once the Template is changed, this will be carried through to all Articles which contain this particular Template.
A full list of Templates available can be found here. And more information on Templates and their usage can be found at Wikimedia's Meta.

Substitute Templates

For a number of standard Articles we have created default lay-outs and structure, which are put in "Substitute Templates", which are a special kind of Templates, and as such treated differently.
When you start editing a New Article, the first thing you should do is consider whether you should use such a template.

After you have found a Substitute Template which is suitable for the Article you are creating you should put the following in the (still empty) page:


For instance, if you want to start an Article about an Aircraft Type you would firstly follow the instructions above regarding creating a new page. Then you would begin editing this new page by typing the following (note this is case sensitive!):


Then press the 'Save Page' button. Now the Template will be substituted into your new Article. Press the 'Edit' button on top of the page again, after which you can really start your Article.

To make the best of this Template, there have been numerous "instructions" included in the Template, which are situated between something what looks like arrows, like

<!-- the instructions -->

When you follow the instructions correctly, your New Article will also be added to the proper Category

So far we have created the following templates:

  • subst:Airbase History
  • subst:Aircrafttype
  • subst:Airforce
  • subst:Airline
  • subst:Engine
  • subst:Manufacturer
  • subst:Museum
  • subst:Unit
  • subst:Wrecks and Relics

This list may grow as we move along, but the latest version of the list can always be found here.

But to make things even more convenient, those templates are also collected at this page, where you just have to fill in the name of the new article and hit the "Create" button. This page is also linked to from the navigation bar on the left side.


A Category within a Wiki is a way to group Articles with the same global subject. On Scramble's Aviation Wiki we have created several 'top level' categories, ranging from Civil Aviation to Aircraft Types. Those can be found at the main page.
Contained within a Category you may find 'sub categories' and/or Articles.

When those Categories are correctly filled with the appropriate Articles and Sub Categories (or better; the other way around, see below), they are a great way to explore this Aviation Wiki.

A full list of all Categories which exist on Scramble's Aviation Wiki can be found here, while Meta has a more extensive help page on how Categories work.

Adding Articles to Categories

When you create a new Article, or edit an Article which has not been assigned to a Category, it is fairly simple to do. You only need to insert the Category or Categories inside your Article; just type the name of the Category in the editbox, prefixed by the word Category, separated by a colon and between double square brackets, for instance like

[[Category:Netherlands - Civil Aviation]]

It does not matter where in the Article you put the Categories, but it usually best to place them at the bottom for easy reference.

As a side note, when you use the Substitute Templates, the Categories will automaticly be added to your Article, as long as you follow the instructions inside those Articles.

Creating new Categories

When there is no Category which suits the Article you are creating, you probably need to create a new Category. But before doing so, check carefully the Category already exists, but perhaps with another spelling or capitalization.
Some new categories are clear they need to be created. For instance when you are creating an Article on the Air Force of Turkmenistan and the Categories "Turkmenistan" and "Turkmenistan - Military Aviation" do no exist yet, it is obvious you can go ahead and create them.
When it is not that obvious, we recommend you first discuss this at the appropriate forum!!

When you are going to create new Categories, you need to follow the next steps:

  • In your Article, type the name of the new Category, just like you would do with an existing Category.
  • After you save your Article (or are in preview mode), the Category will show at the normal place, but in red instead of blue.
  • Just click on the link to the Category, and you will be forwarded to the Category Page, straight in edit mode.
  • Type here a (brief) description of what the new Category is about.
  • Do not forget to attach the new Category to higher level Categories, by inserting those Categories also in the editbox!!

Have a look at comparable Categories to make sure how this works.


When you are creating (or editing) a short Article which is by no means complete yet, but is merely a start to what hopefully will become a "true" Article, this is called a Stub. In general a Stub can be defined as an Article which contains all Essential Information, but which is not a 'real Article' (yet). Only a basic search on the subject on the Internet would probably reveal a lot more information.

To make clear to everybody the Article is still a Stub, we like you to mark your Article as such by inserting the following text (which is a Template) on top of your page:


This will show a banner on top of the page and add this Article to the Stub Category.

More extensive information about Stubs in general can be found at Wikipedias Article about Stubs.

Create Redirects

When you have finished an Article with a long name you might also want to consider creating so called redirects. For instance, the above mentioned page 'universities with courses about aircraft spotting' could have another page created using abbreviations:

When you edit this new page, type only the following:

#REDIRECT [[universities with courses about aircraft spotting]]

(off course replace the part within the brackets with the title of the page you created previously).
More information on redirects can be found at Wikipedia.


Sometimes when trying to save or preview a page, this seems not possible as the following error is shown;

The resource you are looking for cannot be opened by your browser. 
Please try the following:

Click the  Back button to try another link. 
Click  Search to look for information on the Internet. 

HTTP Error 406 - Not acceptable 

When you encounter this error, please refer to Help:Not Acceptable Error, but first use the "previous page" button in your browser and save all your work on your own computer.

Talk & Discussion Pages

With all Articles, User pages etc you will also find so called Discussion or Talk pages. These pages were introduced in the MediaWiki software to create a platform for discussion.
But we feel the Scramble Message Board is much better suited for these tasks. Usage of the Talk and Discussions page is therefore discouraged.

Delete a page

When you think a particular Article does not belong on this Aviation Wiki, please go to Scramble:Requests for deletion to read the guidelines which were put in place.

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