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Ferranti or Ferranti International plc was a UK electrical engineering and equipment firm, founded by Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti, that operated for over a century from 1885 until it went bankrupt in 1993.


During World War II, Ferranti became a major supplier of electronics, fuzes, valves, and was, through development of the IFF system, heavily involved in the early development of radar in the United Kingdom. In the post-war era this became a large segment of the company, with various branches supplying radar sets, avionics and other military electronics, both in the UK and the various international offices. In 1943 Ferranti opened a factory at Crewe Toll in Edinburgh to manufacture Gyro Gunsights for the Supermarine Spitfire aircraft. Later products included solid state ring laser gyros, MMD and LRMTS. In the 1950s work focused on the development of airborne radar with the company subsequently supplying radars to most of the UK's fast jet and helicopter fleets. Today the Crewe Toll site (now owned by Selex ES) leads the consortium providing the radar for the Eurofighter Typhoon.


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