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Lot 10

163427 C First production C model. McDD Flight Trials 03.09.1987 at St Louis A/p, Delivered to China Lake On 23.09.1987 For NWC/101,Re Allocated To Cecil Field for VFA-82/AB-304 During 05.1988, Aboard USS America 02-04.1989, Re Allocated To VFA-81/AA-416 During 05.1989, Re Coded VFA-81/AA-405 During 08.1989 Until In flight fire and crashed in Ocala National Forest, Florida shortly after a practice bombing run at Pine Castle Range 2-OCT-89. LCOL R.Bartolett ejected safely
163428 C Delivered To China Lake On 17.10.1987 For NWC/110, Re Allocated To Cecil Field for VFA-106/AD-305 During 05.1989, Collided with A-4F on 15.02.1990. CDR D. R. Miller landed safely but Airframe declared a write-off, Used For Parts & Spares Scrapped During 1991
163429 C NWC
163430 C VX-5; SOC Aug 27, 2007
163431 C VFA-86 ’01-02.
163432 C VFA-81 CVN-69 ’98.29-MAR-91, VFA-106, MAC with F-5 wingman overhead NAS Key West, FL. F-5 pilot LT Terrence E. Mulkeen killed. 163432 landed safely. http://www.neptunuslex.com/2004/01/09/the-worst-day-ever Then to VX-5.
163433 C VFA-86 ’01-02. VFA-97 ’06.
163434 D First D flight on 6 May 1988. The prototype for the fully-capable night attack F/A-18D was created by modifying this A/C. This was flown for the first time at St Louis on May 6, 1988. NWC. In 1993 the gun bay doors were replaced with camera access doors and integral sensor windows for Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System (ATARS), with Loral UPD-8 high-resolution synthetic-aperture side-looking airborne radar (SLAR).
163435 C VFA-81 CVN-69 ’98, CVN-73 ’00. With Blue Angels as #6 in June 2010.
163436 D VFA-106 A/C injested standing water on runway during takeoff attempt, resulting dual flameout and departure from runway on 29-OCT-93 from NAS Whiting Field. LT Neidhold and LT Casher egressed normally with no injuries. A/C rebuilt and place back in service with VFA-106. On 06 Apr 2012, shortly after take-off from NAS Oceana, aircraft suffered right enjine failure, followed by left afterburner failure, resulting in crash into Virginia Beach apartmnet complex. Both aircrew ejected safely. There were only minor injuries.
163437 C 14.11.1987 Delivered To Cecil Field for VFA-86/AB-401 XO Colours, Aboard USS America 1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,Fire shortly after day launch from USS America (CV66) on 24-MAY-93. LT Tim Taylor landed safely but A/c not repaired, On Display 1994 Cecil Field marked 401/SFWSL/SWATSLANT, first preserved C Model when Cecil Field closed on display at HQ, Naval Air Forces, Norfolk, VA
163438 C VFA-125 crashed on Fort Hunter-Liggett military operating zone, CA 26 Jun 2006 following collision with 163450. One pilot ejected safely, 1LT Brian R. Deforge (USMC) did not eject and was killed upon impact.
163439 C VFA-86 ’09-91.
163440 C VFA-82 ’90-91. VFA-115 ’98-01.
163441 D
163442 C VFA-81 CVN-69 ’98, CVN-73 ’00. Blue Angels #3 in 2011.
163443 C VFA-86 ’09-91.
163444 C VFA-81 CVN-69 ’98, CVN-73 ’00.
163445 D Delivered 06.01.1988 To Cecil Field For VFA-106/AD-352, Re Coded VFA-106/AD-412 During 1993,Departed controlled flight and crashed inverted at Whitehouse NOLF, Florida, (just north of Cecil Field, FL) 30 Aug 1995. Pilot 1LT M. Blaisdell, USMC, ejected but killed.
163446 C In storage at Naval Air Depot, NAS North Island, CA. With VFA-86, coded AB-400 by Mar 2002.
163447 D
163448 C VFA-82 ’90-91. VFA-86 ’01-02.
163449 C VFA-82 ’90-91
163450 C VFA-86 ’09-91. VFA-125 crashed on Fort Hunter-Liggett military operating zone, CA 26 Jun 2006 following MAC with 163438. One pilot ejected safely, 1LT Brian R. Deforge (USMC) did not eject and was killed upon impact.
163451 C VFA-86 ’09-91. Blue Angels 2011.
163452 D VFA-147 ’03.
163453 C Delivered 05.03.1988 To Cecil Field For VFA-86/AB-407, Aboard USS America During 1988,1989,1990,1991,Failed to return to USS America at night in Mediterranean north of Libya 12.01.1991 LT Dave Warne killed.
163454 D Delivered To Cecil Field On 05.03.1988 for VFA-106/AD-354, Re Coded 04.1990 VFA-106/AD-300, CAG Colours, Re Coded 02.1992 VFA-106/AD-000 CAG Colours,Caught fire on takeoff and successfully aborted 4 Mar 1992, Stored Damaged at Cecil Field, Not seen after 12.1992 Fate ?
163455 C VMFA-212 2002, VMFA-212 ’03. Blue Angels 2011. On 2 June 2016, Blue Angle 6 impacted the ground 2 miles after takeoff during an air show practice at Smyrna, Ga, killing Marine Captain Jeff Kuss.
163456 C VFA-82 90-91. VFA-115 ’98. VFA-147 ’00-03
163457 D
163458 C VFA-86 ’09-91. VFA-115 ’98. VFA-146 ’00.
163459 C VFA-81 CVN-69 ’98.
163460 D
163461 C VFA-86 ’09-91. 14 Oct 2005, VFA-106 A/C while detached to Key West, Florida for training, crashed in shallow water off the Florida Keys, 60 mi W of Key West, FL. Pilot ejected, rescued form water by Coast Guard, taken to Lower Keys Hospital - suffered a broken arm and a collapsed lung.
163462 C VFA-81 CVN-73 ’00.
163463 C VFA-83 A/C became uncontrollable following day catapult launch from USS Saratoga in Adriatic Sea during Bosnia Ops 28-APR-94. Pilot ejected directly into the water and was killed instantly. http://www.safetycenter.navy.mil/video/aviation/F-18_Splash.mpg
163464 D Blue Angels 2011.
163465 C VFA-82 ’90-91
163466 C VFA-86 ’09-91. VFA-86 A/C Diverted after CV ramp strike. Crashed/ran off runway at NAS Cecil Field, FL 17-JUL-96. Not repaired.
163467 C Delivered To Cecil Field 22.03.1988 For VFA-82/AB-300 Full CAG Colours Deployed Aboard USS America 1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994, W/o 21.06.1994, Experienced engine fire in flight and crashed in Ocala National Forrest 40 M W of Daytona. LT Adam Taff Ejected Safely
163468 D Blue Angels 2011.
163469 C VFA-86 ’09-91. Striken Aug 2008.
163470 C VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91.This BUNO was mistakenly thought to be that of LCDR Michael Speicher’s aircraft, 163484, shot down 18 Jan 1991 over central Iraq. This mix up was among the many factors cited for the confusion surrounding the Speicher case. http://www.nationalalliance.org/gulf/intel.htm; http://www.100megsfree2.com/srscherr/POW/Speicher.htm
163471 C 30 Nov 2006, VMFAT-101, A/C crashed following hydraulic problem 3 miles east of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego causing small brush fire. CAPT Jonathan Ashmore, ejected landing in a canyon in an unpopulated area near a Scripps Ranch neighborhood. Recovered and treated by medics.
163472 D
163473 C VFA-86 ’01-02.
163474 D
163475 C VFA-106 A/C CFIT into water 10-JUN-90 while flying from USS Enterprise. 1LT ??? killed.
163476 C
163477 C VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91 replacement for 163484; 12-FEB-94, VFA-81 MAC with F-14 after CV launch from USS Saratoga (CV-60). Both A/C diverted to ????, but the F-14 crashed prior to landing due to fuel starvation. Both aircrew ejected. 163477 landed with a portion of the wing missing. Rebuilt and cruised with VFA-81 CVN-69 ’98.
163478 C VFA-86 ’09-91. VFA-81 CVN-69 ’98, CVN-73 ’00.
163479 D
163480 C VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91, CVN-69 ’98.
163481 C VFA-115 98-’00.
163482 D Delivered To Cecil Field 29.06.1988 Allocated To VFA-106/AD-341, Re Coded During 1994 VFA-106/AD-461, Re Coded During 1995 VFA-106/AD-401 & Current 2014
163483 C NWC. VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91, CVN-73 ’00.
163484 C VFA-81 A/C shot down 18 Jan 1991 by an Iraqi MiG25 the first night of Desert Storm. LCDR Michael Scott Speicher from USS Saratoga listed as KIA (information suggests that he initiated/survived ejection; status later changed from KIA/BNR to MIA, to KIA when body recovered in July 2009).
163485 C VFA-83 CV-60 ’90-91.
163486 D
163487 C
163488 D
163489 C VFA-81 A/C crashed following cold cat shot from USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN 69) during flight operations off Puerto Rico 8-FEB-98. LCDR Tom Halley ejected safely and was recovered.
163490 C
163491 C VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91, CVN-69 ’98, CVN-73 ’00.
163492 D Delivered 07.07.1988 To Lemoore For VFA-125/NJ-523,Re Coded In 1994 VFA-125/NJ-323,Crashed in New Mexico during low-level training mission 17.05.95. RADM James G. Prout, Commander, Carrier Group 3 and CDR Joseph Kleefisch, CO VFA-125 were both killed.
163493 C VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91, CVN-69 ’98, CVN-73 ’00.
163494 C VFA-115 ’98-00. VFA-147 ’03.
163495 C VFA-83 CV-60 ’90-91.VFA-97 A/C crashed 5 mi N of NAF El Centro, CA 18 Jan 2006, during night bombing training flight at Loom Lobby target. LCDR Frank C. Wittwer ejected but killed.
163496 C
163497 D
163498 C VFA-81 ’90-91. VFA-115 ’98-00. VFA-147 ’03. Blue Angels #5 in 2011.
163499 C VFA-83 CV-60 ’90-91.
163500 D
163501 D NSAWC NAS Fallon, NV 2008.
163502 C VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91, VFA-81 LT Nick Mongillo shot down Iraqi MiG21 with AIM-9 during Desert Storm 17 Jan 91. CVN-69 ’98, CVN-73 ’00.
163503 C VFA-83 CV-60 ’90-91.
163504 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’94-96
163505 C VFA-81 CV-60 ’90-91.VFA-86 A/C suffered Class A flight deck damage on board USS JOHN F KENNEDY (CV-67) 27 Jun 99.
163506 C VFA-83 CV-60 ’90-91.
163507 D Delivered To Lemoore 07.10.1988 Allocated To VFA-125/NJ-533, Re Coded During 1993 VFA-125/NJ-333, Delivered Unmarked FRCSW North Island 08.05.2009, Scrapped ?
163508 C CV-60 ’90-91.VFA-81 LCDR Mark Fox shot down Iraqi MiG21 with AMI-7 during Desert Storm 17 Jan 91.
163509 C VFA-83 CV-60 ’90-91. On 19 SEP 2011, VMFAT-101 aircraft struck trees during a Close Air Support training event in El Centro training range. Aircraft landed at NAF El Centro, CA with significant damage.
163510 D

Lot 11

163699 C VMFA-232 ‚97-98.VFA-22.
163700 D VMFA-232 ’01.
163701 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’94. VFA-192 ’98.
163702 C VMFA-212 1999, VMFA-212 2000.
163703 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93-95, ’98.
163704 C VX-4, Point Mugu, MAC WITH 162339 during air combat, maneuvers 8-MAY-89. The two A/C crashed some 40 miles apart, one near the town of Independence, the other near Olancha, just north of China Lake Naval Weapons Centre. RN exchange pilot LCDR John Timothy Ellis, was killed.
163705 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93. VFA-195 ’98. Blue Angels as #1 in Jun 2010.
163706 C
163707 D Delivered 31.10.1988 To Lemoore For VFA-125/NJ-535, Lost control and crashed on 14.08.1990 near Hunter Mt, CA. LT J. J. O’Doherty, CDR J. P. Merrill ejected.
163708 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93, ’98.
163709 C VMFA-235 ’94. VFA-146 ’00.
163710 C 20 Aug 1991, VFA-125 A/C failed to properly rotate on cat launch from USS Theodore Roosevelt. Pilot ejected.
163711 C VMFAT-101 A/C damaged while on deck of USS Ranger 19 Jul 1991 when A-6E 159573 lost tailhook on landing. Taken to NAD North Island for assessment but not repaired. Last noted dumped there Oct 1996 and presumably subsequently scrapped. 163717 AND 163721 also DAMAGED.
163712 C 13-May-92, VFA-192 A/C crashed into the sea after failed cat launch from USS Independence. LT S. M. Thompson ejected but suffered major injuries upon impact with ship.
163713 C VFMAT-101 A/C crashed 16-OCT-90 off San Clemente, CA.
163714 C VMFA-212 2001, VMFA-232 ‚97-98.VX-4; VX-9
163715 C VMFA-232 ‚97-98.
163716 C WD-14; VMFA-212 ’09-91. VMFA-212 ’98-03.
163717 C 19-JUL-91, VMFAT-101, A/C severely damaged as result of collateral damage from crash of 163711. VFA-192 CV-62 ’94.Noted in open storage at Camarillo, CA Aug 25, 2001.
163718 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’94.
163719 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’94.VFA-146 A/C MAC with 163737 over western Pacific/P-Sea during air defense training sortie from USS John C. Stennis 4-AUG-07. Both A/C recovered safely to Andersen AFB, Guam.
163720 D Delivered To China Lake 21.12.1988 Allocated To NWC/102 Grey NWC Logo, Re Allocated To Lemoore For VFA-125/NJ-530 During 04.1991, Re Coded 06.1993 VFA-125/NJ-330, W/o With Unit On 24.08.1995,Departed controlled flight and crashed near B-20 NAS Fallon, NV LT Norm Weakland and Ty Loutsenheiser ejected safely.
163721 C 19-JUL-91, VMFAT-101 A/C severely damaged/stricken as result of collateral damage from crash of 163711.
163722 C WD-01, VMFA-212 ’09-91.
163723 C VMFA-212 ’96-99.VMFA-212 A/C MAC with 163759 20 miles south of Kochi prefecture off coast of Iwakuni, Japan. Kevin Pactzold ejected/rescued 20-JAN-99. Other A/C landed safely.
163724 C Delivered to Kaneohe Bay on 17.01.1989 for VMFA-212/WD-02, Damaged During Landing At Kaneohe Bay On 22.05.1990, Stored Damaged Kaneohe Bay 1990/1991, Stored Damaged NADEP North Island 1992/1996 Fuselage Only No Wings, Presumed Scrapped During 1997.
163725 C WD-03, VMFA-212 ’09-91. VMFA-212 ‚99-02.
163726 C WD-04, VMFA-212 ’09-91. VMFA-232 ‚97-98.
163727 C VMFA-212 1996-98.VMFA-212 A/C CFIT during night CAS near Fairbanks, Alaska 10-MAR-99. Maj. Timothy M. Curry killed.
163728 C 8-MAR-91, VMFA-212, MAC with 163729/crashed south east of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Both ejected.
163729 C 8 Mar 1991, VMFA-212, MAC with 163728 and crashed south east of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Both ejected.
163730 C VMFA-212 ’98-03.
163731 C VMFA-232 ‚97-98.
163732 C 23-Feb-1990, Departed controlled flight. Crashed into Pacific 65 M NW of Oahu, HI. Pilot ejected safely.
163733 C VMFA-212 ‚98-00,.
163734 D
163735 C VMFA-232 ’91-92. VMFA-212 ’01-03,.
163736 C WT-01 VMFA-232 ’09-91.
163737 C VMFA-232 ’91-92. VMFA-212 2001.VFA-146 A/C MAC with 163719 over western Pacific Ocean 04-AUG-07 during air defense training sortie from USS John C. Stennis. Both A/C recovered safely to Andersen AFB, Guam.
163738 C VMFA-232 ’91-92. in storage at Naval Air Depot, NAS North Island, CA.
163739 C Delivered 08.04.1989 To Lemoore For VFA-125/NJ-502, W/o 09.05.1989 Lost control at NAS Fallon, NV. CDR J. B. Godwin ejected safely.
163740 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93, ’98.
163741 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93.
163742 C VMFA-232 ’91-92.
163743 C VMFA-232 ’91-92. VMFA-212 1996-98. 20-AUG-98, VMFA-212 A/c crashed during night bombing mission.
163744 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93, VFA-192 ’95-96, 98. 27-APR-98, VFA-192, A/C crashed into water following hyd failure North Arabian Gulf operating from Independence (CV 62). Pilot ejected safely ejected/recovered.
163745 C WT-06 VMFA-232 ’09-91. VMFA-212 2’98-00.
163746 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93.
163747 C WT-07 VMFA-232 ’09-91. VMFA-212 ‚99-01.
163748 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93, VFA-192 ’95-96.VFA-147 A/C crashed into western Pacific Ocean after BFM/OCF while operating from USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) 18-FEB-03. Pilot ejected safely and was rescued. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/news/2003/02/mil-030219-nns03.htm
163749 D VFA-195 CV-62 ’94.VMFAT-101 A/C crashed 14-NOV-02 after loss of control during solo BFM flight off coast of Mexico about 100 mi SW of MCAS Miramar, CA. USAF Pilot ejected safely and was recovered.
163750 C VMFA-232 ’91-92.
163751 C VMFA-232 ’91-92. VMFA-212 ’98-03.
163752 C VMFA-232 ’91-92. VMFA-212 ’98-03.
163753 C VMFA-232 ’91-92.
163754 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93.
163755 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93, ’98.
163756 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93.Damaged beyond repair in accident at NAF Atsugi, Japan Feb 7, 1993. STRICKEN.
163757 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’95.
163758 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93. VMFA-212 ’02-03.
163759 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93.VMFA-212 A/C MAC with 163723 on 20 Jan 1999. A/C landed safely at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. VMFA-212 1996-99.
163760 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93.VFA-147 A/C Class Alpha damage during flight deck evolution on 4 Nov 01.
163761 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93, ’98.
163762 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93.
163763 D
163764 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93, VFA-195 ’95.
163765 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93. Blue Angels.
163766 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93.
163767 C VFA-195 CV-62 ’93. VMFA-212 ’02-03.
163768 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’93. VMFA-212 ’02-03. Blue Angels.
163769 C DB-00 VMFA-235 ’09-91. VMFA-212 ’97-03.
163770 C VMFA-232 ‘97-98.VMFA-232 A/C damaged during in flight engine fire. A/C LANDED SAFELY 28-MAY-98. Now in storage at Naval Air Depot, NAS North Island, CA. Now with VMFAT-101, coded as SH-231 by Oct 2002.
163771 D
163772 C VMFA-232 ‚97-98, VMFA-212 ’02-03.
163773 C 9-OCT-91, VMFA-235 A/C MAC WITH 163774 10 nm North of Kaneohe Hawaii. Landed safely.
163774 C 9-OCT-91, VMFA-235, MAC WITH 163773 10 nm North of Kaneohe Hawaii. CAPT H. C. Dewey ejected.
163775 C VMFA-212 ’98-03.
163776 C VMFA-232 ‚97-98.
163777 C VFA-192 CV-62 ’95.
163778 D 16 Jun 1999, VMFAT 101, Barry M Goldwater range, near Yuma, AZ, during ACM, one pilot ejected, one pilot failed to eject and was killed.
163779 C VFMA-212 A/C damaged by in flight fire. A/C landed in Australia 9 Jun 1995. Stored at NADep North Island, CA.
163780 C VMFA-232 ‘97-98.VMFA-232 A/C crashed on Twenty-Nine Palms Air Ground Combat Range, CA Jul 22, 2003 during air-to-ground delivery close air support training exercise. Pilot Capt. John T. Berger killed.
163781 C VMFA-325 ‚92, VMFA232 ‚93, VMFA-212 ‚94, VMFA-232 ‚97-02.
163782 C DB-12 VMFA-235 ’09-91.; VMFA-212 ’98-03.This and previous A/C used Horizontal Indicator (HI) for center display and did not have night vision device compatible lighting.

Lot 12

163985 C Delivered 21.10.1989 to Pax River For NATC/160, First “Night Attack” C Hornet This and subsequent A/C installed with Multipurpose Color Displays (MPCD). Converted to NF/A-18C in 1995, 1999 Re Allocated To NAWC-AD/160, 05.2002 Re Allocated To VX-23/SD-101, Re Coded VX-23/SD-401 In 2006 & Current 2014, (2012 FRCSW North Island/RP-41).
163986 D First “Night Attack” D Hornet, delivered in Nov 1989. Converted to NF/A-18D in 1995.
163987 C NWC
163988 C VFA-94 ’96-98. VFA-22 ’03.
163989 D Delivered To China Lake 15.12.1989 Allocated To NWC/112, 01.1992 Re Allocated To NAWC-WD/112, 05.1995 Re Allocated To NWTS-CL/112, 05.2002 Re Allocated To VX-31/112 and coded DD-112 With VX-31 From 2009 & Current 2014
163990 C VFA-27 CV-63 ’03. VFA-27 ‚04. VFA-192 ‚05.
163991 D VX-4
163992 C First fleet Night Attack, delivered in Nov 1989. VFA-146 ’89-’91. VFA-94 ’93-05.
163993 C VFA-94 ’96-07.
163994 D VX-5, VX-9
163995 C 17 Jan 1996, VFA-22 A/C MAC with 164063 and crashed near Desatoya Mountains, Fallon, NV during night strike. LT Kevin Duggan ejected and suffered only minor injuries. He had to wrap his parachute around himself against the cold conditions after landing at a height of 6,300ft in snow covered mountains.
163996 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05.
163997 D VFA-147 ’91.
163998 C
163999 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96-’98.
164000 C 12-JUL-91, VFA-147 A/C severely damaged/stricken as result of night ramp strike crash of 164033 during recovery to USS Nimitz in Arabian Gulf.
164001 D
164002 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05.
164003 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05.
164004 C 24 Aug 1991, VFA 22, cold catapult from USS Abraham Lincoln, crashed into North Arabian Sea. Pilot ejected.
164005 D
164006 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96.VFA-27 A/C damaged after launch incident aboard USS Independence. A/C diverted to RAAF Williamtown, Australia 2-APR-97. Noted still unrepaired at NAD North Island, CA Mar 2001. Was apparently returned to service by Oct 2002.
164007 C VX-9 A/C crashed in landing accident 17 Dec 2003 at NAWS China Lake, CA A/C STRICKEN Jul 8, 2005. Pilot ejected safely.
164008 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05. Aircraft departed prepared surface on landing at MCAS Mirimar with Class A damage on 17 Mar 2011.[1]
164009 D VMFA(AW)-121, first night attack “D” delivered May 11, 1990.
164010 C VFA-27CV-63 ’99. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05.
164011 D 31-OCT-02, VFA-125, landing gear collapsed on arrested landing at NAS North Island, Ca. following a ramp strike aboard ?? Replacement pilot was at near idle power setting for five seconds in the groove.
164012 C VFA94.
164013 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98.
164014 D
164015 C VFA-125 A/C CFIT into water near USS Ranger 27-MAR-92. LTJG Arno Strasser killed.
164016 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05.
164017 D 8 Dec 2008, USMC FA-18D from VMFAT-101 crashed on final approach to MCAS Miramar following divert from USS Abe Lincoln. Pilot ejected OK. 4 fatalities on the ground.
164018 C
164019 D
164020 C
164021 C VFA-125 while making emergency landing at NAS Lemoore, CA 27 Aug 2007 wheel mount caught in wire causing Class A damage. Pilot uninjured.
164022 D
164023 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05.
164024 D
164025 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27CV-63 ’99. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚05
164026 D
164027 C
164028 D
164029 C VFA-27 ’03. VFA-27 ‚04. VFA-192 ‚05.
164030 C VFA-27 ’00. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‘04. VFA-192 ‘05.
164031 C 7-MAY-92, VFA-22 A/C crashed in canyon. LCDR Kenneth McGuire killed.
164032 D
164033 C 12-JUL-91, VFA-147 A/C severely damaged/stricken as result of night ramp strike crash during recovery to USS Nimitz in Arabian Gulf. Pilot LT M. M. Gautreaux ejected.
164034 C
164035 D Delivered 30.05.1990 To El Toro For VMFAAW-121/VK-04,W/o 29.05.1992,Developed engine problems while attempting to refuel in flight, and was attempting to return to Paya Lebar when control was lost. Crashed in hilly jungle area in Tanjung Siang, Jahore State, Southern Malaysia while returning to MCAS Iwakuni, Japan from, Paya Lebar, Singapore. Pilot ejected, rescued safely, WSO died of his injuries after ejection.
164036 C
164037 C
164038 D
164039 C
164040 D VMFA(AW)-121, Damaged by in flight fire while deploying to Persian Gulf 29-JAN-91. Repaired.
164041 C VFA-94 A/C damaged after F-14 ramp strike during CV landing 20-JUL-93. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚04.
164042 C
164043 D
164044 C VFA-22 A/C crashed into the water after night catapult launch from Abraham Lincoln (CVN72) 28-JAN-95. LT Glennon Kersgieter lost at sea.
164045 C VMFA-314 A/C damaged after F-14 ramp strike during CV landing 20-JUL-93. VFA-27 CV-62 ’96.VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‘04. VFA-192 ‘05.
164046 D
164047 C
164048 C
164049 D
164050 C 20-JUL-93, VFA-22, A/C suffered Class A collateral damage when an F-14 hit the ramp during a night landing aboard USS Abraham Lincoln. VFA-192 2007.
164051 D
164052 C Delivered 31.07.1990 To Lemoore For VFA-94/NH-404 Noted Aboard USS A.Lincoln 1991,1992,1993,1995,1996,1997, Re Coded During 1998 VFA-94/NH-401 Aboard USS C.Vinson 1998,1999, Re Coded During 2000 VFA-94/NH-411 Aboard USS C.Vinson 2001,2002, USS Nimitz 2003 W/o With Unit On 10.03.2004 When Departed runway on landing and overturned. Pilot did not eject, walked away uninjured.
164053 D VK-11 VMFA(AW)-121 ’09-91.
164054 C
164055 C
164056 D
164057 C
164058 D
164059 C VFA-27CV-63 ’99. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-27 ‚04. VFA-192 ‚04.
164060 C
164061 D VK-14 VMFA(AW)-121 ’09-91.
164062 C VFA-27 CV-62 ’96. VFA-27 CV-63 ’98. VFA-27 ’03. VFA-192 ‚04.
164063 C VFA-22 MAC with 163995 near Desatoya Mountains, Fallon, NV Jan 17, 1996. LCDR William Braker killed.
164064 D VMFAT-101 A/C crashed near Kola Mountains vicinity NAF El Centro, CA 5-OCT-95. Multiple (large) birdstrikes. LT P. A. Kratzer and 1LT T. A. Harp ejected at low level.
164065 C 4 Dec 1991, VFA-94, ACM Training flight. Crashed 10 nm North of Lone Pine, CA. CDR L. A. Fox ejected.
164066 C
164067 C VFA-192 ‚07.
164068 D Last use of SJU-5/A and SJU-6/A ejection seats. Last Liquid Oxygen (LOX) A/C.

Lot 13

164196 D Delivered 26.09.1990 To Cecil Field For VFA-106/AD-357, This and subsequent A/C used NACES SJU-17 1/A and 2/A ejection seats as well as On Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS). W/o 15.05.1992, departed controlled flight during basic fighter maneuvering. Crashed in Atlantic 90 miles east of Jacksonville. LCDR J. R. Muir ejected safely during a solo flight.
164197 C VFA-105.
164198 D VFA-106 MAC with 164215 during ACM 23 Nov 96 off Georgia coast. Both A/C recovered at NAS Cecil Field, FL. CAPT Bob Klosterman, CO USS J.C. Stennis was in the back seat. The same VFA-106 A/C later crashed into Atlantic Ocean off Virginia Capes 11-SEP-03 after the #3 arresting wire broke during landing on USS George Washington. Solo pilot LT Rich Rivera ejected safely, but 12 members of flight deck crew were injured.
164199 C VFA-105 A/C failed to return to USS Dwight D. Eisenhower/crashed 9 Aug 1996.
164200 C VFA-105.
164201 C VFA-131 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07.
164202 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98.
164203 D
164204 C VFA-131 CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02.
164205 C VFA-131 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98. On 26 Feb 2012, this VFA-25 aircraft suffered Class A heat/fire damage during a flight in the Arabian Gulf, but recovered safely aboard USS CARL VINSON.
164206 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CV-67 ’02.VFA-136 damaged when dropped from crane on USS George Washington. Rebuilt. ON 12 SEP 2014, VFA-113 a/c was lost at sea after mid-air collision with 164208 of VFA-94, approximately 250 west of Wake Island. A/C had just launched from USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70) on a day training mission. Pilot ejected and was recovered with minor injuries.
164207 D 9-FEB-97, VMFA(AW)-121 from MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, crashed into the Yellow Sea 60 miles southwest of Korea during ACM. Capt Mark R. Nickles and MAJ Danny A. D’Eredita were missing and presumed dead. G-induced loss of consciousness blamed.
164208 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02. ON 12 SEP 2014, VFA-94 a/c was lost at sea after mid-air collision with 164206 of VFA-113, approximately 250 west of Wake Island. A/C had just launched from USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70) on a day training mission. LT Nathan Poloski was not recovered and presumed dead.
164209 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07
164210 C VFA-131 CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07
164211 D
164212 C VFA-131 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ‘02
164213 C Delivered To Cecil Field 09.12.1990 Allocated To VFA-136/AG-310, Aboard USS D.D.Eisenhower 1991,1992,1993, W/o 05.08.1993 Crashed into Fairview Peak mountain side during night NVG weapons delivery just east of B-17 target, Fallon, NV Lt “Leo” Farnsworth killed.
164214 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07
164215 C VFA-131 CVN-69 ’91-92VFA-106 MAC with 164198 during ACM 23 Nov 96 off Georgia coast. Both A/C recovered at NAS Cecil Field, FL.
164216 D VMFA-242 MAC with 164692 during ACM 11-SEP-00. A/C crashed with 2 fatalities.
164217 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94. VFA-105 in ’98.
164218 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, VFA-131 CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ‘02
164219 D
164220 C VX-4
164221 C VX-4, VFA-136 CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ‘02
164222 C VFA-131 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ‘02
164223 C VFA-136 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07
164224 D
164225 C VFA-131 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07
164226 C VFA-131 CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-69 ’91-92
164227 C VFA-136 CV-67 ’02, CVN-74 ’98, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-69 ’91-92
164228 D
164229 C VFA-131 CVN-73 ’94, CVN-69 ’91-92; VFA-105 in ’98.
164230 C VFA-136 CV-67 ’02, CVN-74 ’98, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-69 ’91-92. VFA-105 in ’98.
164231 C VFA-131 CVN-69 ’91-92, CVN-73 ’94, CVN-74 ’98, VFA-87 CVN-65 ’01
164232 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99. 27 Oct 2000, VFA 87, MAC at night with 164657 which landed safely, Smith Creek Valley, 55 M E of NAS Fallon, NV. Pilot ejected safely.
164233 D 9 May 2000, VMFAT 101, caught fire during air to ground mission NAF El Centro ranges, CA. Both crew ejected.
164234 C VFA-105 ’98. VFA-131 CV-67 ‘02
164235 C VFA-105 in ’98. 21 Feb 2006, VMFA-122, crashed 13 mi off Lower Keys, Key West, FL. Maj. Steven Feltenberger from MCAS, Beaufort, ejected safely.
164236 C VFA-136 CVN-73 ’94. VFA-105 ’98.
164237 D 1000th Hornet delivered to VMFA(AW)-242 at MCAS El Toro, CA 22 April 1992.
164238 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99
164239 C VFA-105 ’97, VFA-136 CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02, VFA-15 CVN-71 ’05-06
164240 C VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07, VFA-131 CV-67 ’02, CVN-74 ‘98
164241 D VFA-105
164242 C
164243 C VFA-37; VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07
164244 C VFA-105, VFA-37, VFA-83 CVN-69 ‘06-07
164245 D
164246 C
164247 C VFA-105
164248 C Delivered To Cecil Field 02.05.1991 Allocated To VFA-105/AC-406, W/o 12.08.1991 Crashed into water near Vieques Range, PR LCDR Martin R. Elsken killed.
164249 D
164250 C VFA-131 CV-67 ’02, CVN-74 ‘98
164251 C 23 Oct 2001, VFA-105 A/C engine caught fire at low level about 20 miles west of the Nevada Test Site near the Nellis Air Force Range, LT Micah Manningham, ejected safely.
164252 C VFA-105 ’98, VFA-87 CVN-65 ’01
164253 C VFA-105
164254 D VX-9
164255 C VFA-105, VFA-136 CVN-74 ’98, CV-67 ’02,
164256 C VFA-105
164257 C
164258 C VFA-136 CVN-74 ’98, CVN-73 ’94, VFA-15 CVN-71 ’05-06
164259 D
164260 C Delivered To Cecil Field 04.06.1991 Allocated To VFA-37/AC-302, W/o 24.07.1992 Commanding Officer CDR Robert K. Christensen killed after CFIT into water near Vieques target at night.
164261 C VFA-105
164262 C
164263 D
164264 C
164265 C
164266 C 5-SEP-03, VFA-25, following a stuck throttle in flight, pilot ejected short of runway after flameout at NAS Lemoore, CA.
164267 D VFA-125 A/C crashed into sea 5 miles south of NAS Key West, off Florida Keys 6 Feb 2006 while returning to NAS Key West from training mission. Pilot ejected safely.
164268 C
164269 C 28 Jun 2004, VMFA-122 A/C departed runway and overturned on day landing at MCAS Beaufort, SC after trans-Atlantic flight. Derek R. Nichols [CAF] did not eject, survived the crash, but died in hospital later that day.
164270 C
164271 C
164272 D
164273 C 8-NOV-98, VMFA-312 A/C collaterally damaged when EA-6B crashed into S-3 during night landing aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65) causing 4 fatalities. http://www.safetycenter.navy.mil/media/gallery/videos/downloads/aviation/Plattape.mpg
164274 C
164275 C
164276 C
164277 C
164278 C
164279 D NWC
164280 D -164339 contract cancelled

Lot 14

164627 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164628 C NWC, VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164629 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164630 C VX-9, VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164631 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164632 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01
164633 C
164634 C
164635 C On 11 August 2015, VFA-106 aircraft caught fire during night carrier qualification hot-refueling evolution aboard USS HARRY S. TRUMAN off the Carolina coast. Pilot ejected and landed aboard carrier deck with non-life-threatening injuries. Aircraft sustained Class A damage.
164636 C
164637 C
164638 C
164639 C
164640 C
164641 C
164642 C Delivered To Lemoore 24.11.1991 Allocated To VFA-25/NK-404, Aboard USS Carl Vinson, 1994,1996,USS Abraham Lincoln 1997,1998,2000,2001,2002,2003,USS John C Stennis 2004, USS Ronald Reagan 2006, W/o 28.01.2006 Crashed into the sea approximately 120 miles southeast of Brisbane, Australia, after night ramp strike attempting to land aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Pilot ejected. www.signonsandiego.com/news/military/20070130-9999-1m30jet.html
164643 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164644 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164645 C
164646 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164647 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164648 C
164649 D First D able to carry ATARS (Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System) centerline pod, delivered to VMFA(AW)-225 on 14 Feb 1992. On 1-Nov-1992, VMFA(AW)-225, A/C ran off runway after an aborted take-off causing serious damage to the nose, center section and undercarriage at 29 Palms MCALF. LCOL T. Pennington, MAJ D. P. Yurovich aboard. A/C transferred to VX-31, then to NASA Dryden and redesignated NF/A-18D. STRICKEN Sep 4, 2003.
164650 D
164651 D
164652 D On February 12, 1992 the first Hornet to ever land on Finnish soil, BuNo 164652 on loan from the U.S. Marine Corps, touched down in Halli. The D-model departed on the 25th after 15 Finnish trial flights.
164653 D This and previous A/C used General Electric F404-GE-400 engines.
164654 C This and subsequent A/C used General Electric F404-GE-402 EPE (Enhanced Performance Engines).
164655 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164656 D VMFA-533 ‚01. Currently Side Number 03 with VMFA(AW)-533, 23Jan 2009.
164657 C 27-OCT-00, VFA-87 A/C MAC at night with 164232, Smith Creek Valley, 55 M E of NAS Fallon, NV. A/C landed safely at NAS Fallon. VFA-15 CVN-71 ’05-06. 12 June 2008, VFA-15 a/c MAC with VFC-13 F-5 (Buno 160965) in Fallon Range Complex, near Middlegate, NV. BOTH ACFT DESTROYED. Two F-5 Aircrew rescued safely (back-seater was a midshipman). F-18 pilot Lt. Jeremy S. Wise was killed.
164658 C
164659 D
164660 C
164661 C Delivered To Cecil Field During 04.1992 Allocated To VFA-15/AJ-305, Aboard USS T.R.Roosevelt 1993,1994,1995, USS J.C.Stennis 1996, USS J.F.Kennedy 1997,1998, USS T.R.Roosevelt 1999,2000, USS Enterprise 2001,2002, USS T.R.Roosevelt 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010, USS G.H.W.Bush 2011,2012,2013,2014. Longest VFA-15 Serving Aircraft, Longest F/A-18C Served With Single Unit & In Unit Marks.
164662 D
164663 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164664 C 17 Jan 2003, A/C crashed/ran off runway after aborted go-around while landing at RAAF Base Pearce, Western Australia, suffering Class A damage.
164665 D 10-JAN-00, VMFA-242 A/C departed controlled flight during ACM near Yuma, AZ. Both crew ejected and recovered.
164666 C Delivered To Cecil Field 09.05.1992 for VFA-15/AJ-306 Aboard USS T.R.Roosevelt 1993,1994,1995, USS J.C.Stennis 1996, USS J.F.Kennedy 1997,Crashed during normal training operation 75 mi NE of Raysut, Oman in the wall of so-called ‘Star Wars Canyon’ 14.09.1997 while operating from John F. Kennedy killing the pilot, Lt. Jason E. “GOAT BOY” Jakubowski.
164667 D
164668 C VMFA-323 CV-64 ’01; During ground engine maintenance while with VFA-113 on 25 AUG 2009, fuel began to leak from the fuselage, a fire ensued from the APU, and the aircraft was engulfed in flames resulting in CLASS A damage.
164669 C 16 Mar 1997, A/C caught wire underneath right wingtip LAU-7 launcher under cross deck pendant aboard USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67). A/C didn’t fly again for 32 months. VFA-106 ’97-01. VFA-87 CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06. VFA-106 ’07. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpcMHAs81OY&feature=related
164670 D
164671 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01
164672 D
164673 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164674 D VX-5
164675 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164676 C
164677 D
164678 C Delivered To Cecil Field During 07.1992 for VFA-106/AD-307, Re Allocated To VFA-15/AJ-314 During 02.1995, Aboard USS T.R.Roosevelt 1995, USS J.C.Stennis 1996, USS J.F.Kennedy 1997, USS T.R.Roosevelt 1999, Re Allocated To Oceana When Cecil Field Closed In 1999, USS Enterprise 2001, W/o With Unit On 19.09.2001 Engine fire damaged engine and fuselage while operating from Enterprise in the Northern Indian Ocean.
164679 D
164680 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164681 C 29-SEP-00, VFA-25, A/C crashed into Persian Gulf, following day departure from USS Abraham Lincoln.
164682 C VFA-113 aircraft suffered airborn dual engine fire on 11 April 2011. Aircraft landed aboard USS CARL VINSON in the North Arabian Sea but suffered Class A damage.
164683 D VMFA-225
164684 C Delivered To Lemoore During 08.1992 for VFA-25/NK-411, W/o 09.09.1992 at night crashed into ground at B-19 target, 10nm SW of NAS Fallon, NV.
164685 D
164686 C
164687 C VFA-87 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164688 D
164689 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01. VFA-15 crashed at Raleigh-Durham IAP, NC Mar 26, 2004. A/C veered off runway during takeoff and burst into flames. LTJG Wesley Baumgartner ejected safely, suffering only minor injuries. The Hornet was part of a two-plane flight on a routine cross-country training mission with a planned refuel stop at Raleigh-Durham. Wreckage at NASP disposal as of Jan 2017.
164690 D
164691 C VFA-15 CVN-71 ’99, CVN-65 ’01, CVN-71 ’05-06
164692 D This and previous A/C used F404-GE400 engine. VMFA-242 A/C MAC with 164216 and crashed on Barry Goldwater Range, near Yuma, AZ 11 Sep 2000. 2 FATAL.

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